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Military branches commonly supply blueprints that call out federal standards and specifications. We have the expertise to recognize these requirements and ensure compliance.

U.S. Nameplate Company is proud to provide customized products—including the use of Metalphoto® —to our nation’s military Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and suppliers.

CNH UL authorized military label supplier
Crystal Group - military labels for oems
Manitowoc - identification labels for military equipment
JBT - military equipment nameplates
JBT - military equipment decals
Multiquip - nameplates for military specifications
NACCO - metalphoto military equipment labels
Veeder Root - military equipment nameplate supplier
Will Burt - custom military equipment labels

U.S. Nameplate Company is a UL authorized label supplier. Many of our products are:

  • Able to withstand harsh or extreme temperature variances
  • Able to withstand rugged environments

Just as the military must be nimble, U.S. Nameplate Company realizes we must adapt to changing technologies to better serve our clients. We are a UL authorized label supplier as well as a recognized supplier for UL system I and II labeling and marking systems.

Contact U.S. Nameplate Company for custom design labels and overlays to fit your specific military equipment requirements.