U.S. Nameplate can cut, form and machine your project using a variety of fabrication methods:

Die Cutting
  • Standard and custom dies used to cut unusual shapes and rounded corners.
  • Hard dies used for metal parts.
  • Steel rule dies for flexible materials.
  • Thermal dies for vinyl substrate.
Digital Cutting
  • Through-cutting, kiss-cutting, routing and creasing.
  • Cuts in rolls, sheets, and rigid media up to 50 mm thick.
  • Adds three-dimensions to printing for unique identification.
  • Protects printed nameplates, overlays, and decals.
  • Subsurface printing on flexible substrates can be laminated on aluminum nameplates for increased durability and protection.
Machining & Forming
  • Bending to your specifications.
  • Full in-house machine shop.
  • Manufacture any rectangular, square, or round metal nameplate, serial / VIN plate, or control panel without additional tooling charge.