U.S. Nameplate offers a variety of printing methods for your project:

Aluminum Etching
  • Desirable when a durable, long-lasting product is required.
  • Anodized aluminum (clear or black) is the most commonly used substrate in the etching process.
  • Good for harsh, outdoor environments
  • Chemical resistant.
Digital Printing
  • Compatible with a wide variety of media and objects.
  • Provides near-photographic image quality to take graphics to the next level.
  • Wide format flatbed can print almost any size product.
Metalphoto® Process
  • All Metalphoto┬« products meet the standards for long-lasting durable nameplates and panels that require extended exposure to weather, salt, and sunlight.
  • Meets or exceeds the strictest military standards.
Screen Printing
  • Compatible with virtually all substrates.
  • On clear materials, screen printing is sub-surface, protecting it from abrasion and chemicals.
  • Screen printed metal products are durable and abrasion and solvent resistant.
Thermal Transfer
  • Roll-to-roll printing using pigment or metallic resins.
  • Finishing and fabrication can make rolls, strips or pieces.
  • Special security features are available.